Dress Assistant

Dress Assistant 3.6

Let your Mac dress you up


  • Allows you to use iSight camera to capture your own clothes
  • Allows saving of creations
  • Includes a clothes editor to design your own


  • Clothes editor is very basic

I'm no Georgio Armani, and as the years go by, I find that buying clothes that actually look any good on me is an increasingly challenging task.

Some say you can't make a silk purse with a pigs ear but I say take a look at Dress Assistant. Now, Dress Assistant doesn't actually make your computer help you get dressed in the morning (that would be quite something). Rather, it helps you decide what does and does not look good on you and inspire you down other avenues along the way. By using your iSight camera, Dress Sense can take photos of all your different garments and make you look dandy without even trying on a thread.

Dress Assistant has got quite a few natty little features too. You can categorize clothes by closet, season, preference and color, create and save combinations and also print them. It even accepts local weather info which suggests that Dress Assistant is designed for those that really have no dress sense - or common sense - at all. If you want to show off your designing skills, you can use the inbuilt editor to design your own and even show them off on the Dress Assistant forum to make like minded connections with other designers - or just get laughed at.

Dragging and dropping of clothes is not as smooth as it should be though and presentation is generally a bit poor meaning you can't help feeling that Dress Assistant is a rather amateur effort at a clothes design application.

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Dress Assistant


Dress Assistant 3.6

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